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Aria Golf Gloves

We offer two different Glove styles, Aria and Aria II. When developing our glove range, we understood the different individual preferences golfers have when selecting their gloves. Therefore, we took the key design elements golfers look for, and designed 2 distinct styles to cater to each golfer incorporating the benefits of using a stretch fabric in a glove.

The key difference between Aria and Aria II is the amount of EcoVerde [recycled] material used throughout the glove. Because golfers have a preference in using a Hybrid or Cabretta glove, each style caters to those different preferences. Both styles however share the following key design elements:

- Made from the finest Cabretta Leather

- Cabretta Leather in palm for superior grip and 2nd skin feel

- Contain signature EcoVerde material, a recycled polyester/elastane blend for added flexibility, durability & breathability

- Perforation Holes for added breathability, keeping you cool in the hot sun

- Velcro closure tab providing  a secure fit

- A removable signature LussoVerde ball marker offering a quick and easy solution to mark your balls


EcoVerde material is used on the cuff as well as through the fingers and wear points. 

Aria II:

EcoVerde material is used on the cuff, through the fingers and wear points and is used for the full backing of the hand for maximum comfort and breathability.

Incorporating Upcycled stretch polyester in our gloves offer the best combination of features; premium Cabretta leather for superior grip and 2nd skin feel, and Upcycled polyester blend for maximum comfort and flexibility.

Having leather in the palm and fingers creates superior grip, while using Upcycled polyester blend on the joints and wear points gives the glove more flexibility and durability, giving you an unrestricted and natural swing. 

Aria translates to Air in Italian, representing the comfort and breathability of our gloves. 

EcoVerde Materials

Throughout our product range you will see the use of 'EcoVerde' materials. It is our mission to incorporate as much Upcycled material into our range as possible to be a sustainable, luxury retailer so we developed our signature EcoVerde material, taking single use plastic bottles and upcycling them into premium materials.

As Golfers, it was important to us to develop a high quality product that used recycled materials that enhanced the end product, didn't sacrifice its quality and performance - ie 'Upcycled'

Upcycling: Recycling materials converts waste into reusable material.  When that new material is considered to be better than the original, it is considered 'Upcycled' product.

Our signature EcoVerde blend used throughout our gloves is Upcycled from discarded single use plastic bottles. These materials are extremely soft, have amazing stretch recovery, and are breathable making them the perfect option to use in our product range.